Thursday, December 24, 2009


So do you remember how yesterday I posted how here in Texas the weather was so unbelievably wonderful and around 80 degrees. It was perfect weather that I couldn't even enjoy because I spent the day inside cleaning.

Cleaning for what you say? O just for our annual Christmas Eve party with a bounce house and apple cider and food and friends and everything that's good about Christmas. It's absolutly completely 100% my favorite thing abour Christmas time.

The party technically started 10 minutes ago and that perfect weather from yesterday is long gone. And instead it's replaced with snow. Tons of snow that is blocking roads that lead to our house which makes the liklihood of all of our friends showing up very slim. Actually none have shown up so far and in the last years everyone has shown up 30 minutes ago. I very much hate Texas weather.

I am very very very upset.

I'm going to go eat a cookie and try to be happy.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve more than I'm enjoying mine.

And as an early Christmas present from me to you I'm extending the contests. I haven't decided til win yet but you have more time to enter so please take advantage of that.

Thanks so much and Merry Christmas Eve!


Here are some pictures I took from our front porchl. Sorry they're blurry. I couldn't stand being out there for too long. I'm not used to this cold!

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Jan Blazanin said...

Hey, jill, I hope your guests were able to get through the snow to attend your party. The weather here in Iowa really stinks. We were snowed in on Christmas Day, and that's the second time this month.

Come on, spring!