Thursday, December 17, 2009

25GoC: Jan Blazanin + Contest

My Dog’s Ten Favorite Things About Winter
By: Jan Blazanin

I’m not a fan of Iowa winters. If I could abolish snow, frigid winds, and freezing rain, I would be a happy woman. So I’m turning this blog over to my three dogs: Brewster, Gizmo, and Sassy. My lhaso apso Brewster is going on 14. He’s earned the right to be a couch potato. Gizmo, my 6-year-old Pekingese, loves howling randomly and chasing chipmunks.  Sassy, a 3-year-old Maltese-lhaso apso mix, is a running, jumping, licking champion. She’s also a registered coward.

In the interest of fairness, I asked my cats Sebastian and Raggedy Andy to contribute to this blog. They ignored me. So here are

My Dogs’ Ten Favorite Things About Winter:

10.       Gizmo and Sassy both spoke up for ice-skating on the driveway. (When you have four feet and your legs are six inches long, falling is not an issue.)

9.         All three dogs are fans of the long tummy rubs and unlimited snuggling that come when you’re snowed in with humans. (Confession—I enjoy snuggling, too.)

8.         Sassy mentioned digging up and eating frozen objects of unknown origin. (Since she also eats yellow snow, please ignore her dining suggestions.)

7.         One of Gizmo’s favorite winter pastimes is stalking mice that are tunneling under the snow toward the bird feeders. (He would prefer not to discuss his capture rate.)

6.         Gizmo and Sassy both like chasing snowballs, but they can’t figure out why the pesky things disappear when they land.

5.         All three dogs love being rubbed down with a warm towel after they’ve been playing in the snow. (It feels especially good when the snowballs on their fur are dissolved with warm water.)

4.         After the rubdown and rinse, Sassy runs all through the house, stirs every creature, rolls on all the furniture, and knocks the throw pillows off the sofa. (Hey, it’s a ritual!)

3.         Brewster’s favorite way to spend a winter evening is by sleeping on the hearth by a crackling fire. Sassy’s favorite way to spend a winter morning is by camping out on the heat vent in my bathroom. (Her belly is toasty warm. I’m freezing.)

2.         Gizmo and Sassy both recommend burrowing under the covers beside a nice, warm human being. (They find it especially satisfying if they’ve just run through the pet door from outdoors and their feet are caked with ice.)

1.         But of all the wonders of winter, all three dogs agreed that the very best thing is eating turkey leftovers—the more, the merrier. (Even the cats opened their eyes for that one!)

The dogs also asked me to mention their favorite holiday songs.

Brewster’s favorite is “Silent Night” performed WITHOUT words or music. (He needs his beauty rest.)

Gizmo loves Alvin and the Chipmunks singing “Christmas Don’t Be Late.” (He suspects that easy living has made them slow runners.)

Sassy adores “Barking Dogs Jingle Bells.” (What’s not to like?)

            From left to right we have Gizmo (with the black muzzle), Sassy, Mike (the human) and Brewster. All of them just came in from playing in the snow after the blizzard.

Jan Blazanin has so kindly contributed 2 copies of her book Fairest of Them All for 2 lucky winners! AND each winner will also win a fabulous bookmark made by Jan herself!

I reviewed Fairest of Them All HERE and made a book trailer for it HERE if you’re interested)

As always the contest is open to U.S. only and closes on the 25th.

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Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


Leslie said...

Our pets thoroughly enjoy their treat-filled stockings Christmas morning. When it's cold, the dog also likes to curl up and sleep in her house. The cat likes to kick her out.
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Katie said...

I feel so bad. We don't get my dog any presents. I have tried to talk my mom into it but she just doesn't go for it. =]

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Anonymous said...

I love Alvin and the Chipmunks! My kitty is such a Scrooge and never joins in on the holiday fun. D:

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kaymf said...

I don't really get my pets anything but they do get to enjoy a bit of the dinner.

Kelsey O said...

I love all animals! They're awesome


justpeachy36 said...

Please enter me in the giveaway.
I am a follower.

Morgan said...

Your dogs are really cute. One of my dogs is so lazy she never leaves the fireplace, and when she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom (which she makes as rare as possible) she goes right on the stairs (so she doesn't have to go in the snow) so when I walk outside- I usually step in it.

And then my other dog likes to go outside but when she comes inside, she jumps on my bed and makes it all muddy and wet.

We have to love them, though. Merry Christmas!

morgansact (at) comcast (dot) net

L said...

Enter me please!
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