Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elise @ Reading Rocks (+forgotten contest)

What Christmas is to Me
By: Elise from Reading Rocks

Christmas carols dance in my ears
Festive colors ornament the stores
Sparkling eyes and pink faces from the cold
Bring forth the kindness
That seems lost

Smiles from strangers
Gifts for friends
Warm hugs from people who care
Is true magic at work

It’s the holiday season
A time to enjoy the little things
Sparkling lights
The smell of cookies
Traveling through a book

It’s a time for joy
A time for hope
A time to breathe
And a time to celebrate
It’s Christmas

Here's a sweet song that shows the true that comes forth in people during Christmas time

Make sure to check out Elise’s blog at http://www.readingrocks4me.blogspot.com/

Also, I made a mistake and forgot to include it the first time but scroll down to Janette Rallison’s post to win a copy of How to take the Ex out of Ex-Boyfriend.

Thanks so much.


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Marilu said...

Thanks for sharing that with us!

Thanks for posting the song too. That song always brings a little tear to my eye. I hadn't heard it yet this season.