Friday, December 25, 2009

The end of 25GoC and the beginning of a fabulous new year!!! By: Laura Wiess

Happy holidays! From Laura Wiess

 This week between Christmas Day and New Year's has always been a delightfully strange, introspective, sometimes chaotic, sometimes serene, Quick! Find-a-New-Year's-outfit, and No, spend the day relaxing in your pajamas time.
 I love it.
 I love the refrigerator crammed with leftover holiday food, hanging out with friends and family, the rummaging through the gifts now unwrapped and piled under the tree, the snow, the fireplace, the peace, the craziness and the laughter.
 Most of all, though, I love the tradition of looking back over the year at where I've been and what I've done, at the light and the dark moments, the times I could have handled things better and the times when I did better than I ever thought I could, the laughter and unexpected joy, the lessons learned, opportunities missed and the ones caught hold of, and celebrated.
 This week - the end of the old and the start of the new - fills me with hope and excitement, and makes me grateful for the chance to begin again, fresh.
 And so I wonder...what do I want to do, be, give, get and experience next? The sky's the limit, right? And even if I don't make half of it, who knows what great adventures I'll have along the way, as long as I can keep my mind open and don't let anybody (including myself) shut me down before I even try.
 This is a time of Endless Possibilities. A week of dreaming dreams for the New Year, and then revving up to try and make them come true.
 Let's do it. Let's try. Let's see what comes next.
 I mean seriously...why not?
 Hope your Christmas is grand, your week beautiful, and 2010 a year of dreams come true!

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L said...

Awesome post! I also love everything mentioned and I can't wait to set high goals for myself for the new year!