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25GoC: Ashley from Books make Great Lovers

By: Ashley from
Books Make Great Lovers

Christmas has many pro’s and some cons as well. I though I’d take some time to share a few of my pro’s and con’s this winter.

  1. You get presents. This year I asked for a laptop (my dad said no but I’m working on him), some clothes and books (probably also a no because they see that I have a whole TBR bookshelf). But hey any present is a good one.
  2. You get to eat tons of crap and nobody will stop you. I love this sugar cookie balls that are coated in powdered sugar. There are probably 8 million calories in one but Christmas calories don’t count (:
  3. The music is all upbeat. This is the one time of year when even our favorite rappers take a break from degrading us women to belt out some “Jingle Bells”. What could be better then gangster frosty the snowman (:
  4. You get to see the family that you only see once a year. Everyone gets super excited, “I haven’t seen Aunt So-and-so since last Christmas” but by the end of the holiday we remember why we never call that family up and invite them over. They are just plain obnoxious! But we love them (:
  5. The Cute cups at Starbucks. Okay so maybe nobody else cares about it but I love the red Starbucks cups. They just make me feel all cheery and the drink tastes even better!

  1. You have to see THAT person. You all know the one I’m talking about. The adult who still thinks your 10 even though you’re 16 or 17 or even 18. “Your too young for a boyfriend” or “look at you, your quite the cute little girl” are common sayings.
  2. You are reminded that you’re lonely. You don’t have a boyfriend but your sister does. She’s getting fancy gifts from her love and your just hoping Santa will bring you something near as good as those diamonds her man bought her!
  3. No school…for TWO weeks. This could be a bonus but not usually. A week off of school is nice but 2 weeks of being stuck with your family (non-stop if there is a blizzard) is just too much!
  4. You get treated like a kid again. I don’t mean just in general. When it comes to driving your parents request to take you everywhere. “I don’t want you driving in the snow, kiddo. You might have an accident.” It’s nice to be pampered but who wants dropped off at a party by their mommy?
  5. The mysterious 10 pounds. Even though nobody can tell you to stop eating during the holidays they sure can comment on the weight you gain from eating after the fact. “Wow Ashley. You sure put on some weight eating all those snowball cookies.”

I love Christmas guys (: Don’t get me wrong. Just taking a minute to relate all the problems we have all faced at least once. Merry Ho-Ho- Holidays (:

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Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


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