Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Laura Wiess (Guest Blog)

Laura Wiess is the author of the critically acclaimed MTV Book SUCH A PRETTY GIRL and LEFTOVERS. Her new book HOW IT ENDS comes out on August 4, 2009. Visit Laura at for more info.


I love that I get to guest here today. Reading really IS bliss.

I've been celebrating my birthday all month (yes, I'm another one of them. I cheerfully admit it and urge others to claim their birth months, too) and so far it's been a blast. May 16th is my actual day though, and I'm going to a party with a bonfire and maybe a band, all sorts of food and friends, talking and laughing. The weather promises a perfect mix of sun and clouds, warm breezes and possible showers, and I absolutely cannot wait.

Today I'm going to dance till I drop.

Maybe it's because everything sparkles so in spring - soft skies, fresh clover, violets and peonies, birds and animals galore, hope, rebirth and regeneration shimmering to life all around - or maybe it's just a mindset (pure joy? great expectations? blithe idiocy?) but I get impossibly exuberant and as a side effect, good things always seem to happen this month:

Long, lovely, indulgent conversations with family and friends.

The first swallowtail flitting past, its wings a rich, mink color in the sun.

A sudden, unexpected surge of creativity that sends me racing to the computer to write.

Making my new Things To Do Before My Next Birthday goal list.

Being the only one out enjoying the road, driving with the windows down and the breeze warm, shades on because the sun is so brilliant, favorite song cranked, and the sweet scent of lilacs making me dizzy.

Finding the perfect new coffee mug with an artist's design that enthralls me.

Plant shopping for daisies and roses, grapevines and raspberry bushes, and then, when I've worked hard enough to make that cool, bottled water seem like heaven, cleaning up and heading out to break in that funky new pair of Betsey Johnson sandals.

Taking the time to curl up with a brand new stack of books, cats on my lap, snacks within reach, and someone very special smiling, and lounged out beside me.

Knowing that it doesn't get any better than this.

So happy birthday, Jill, and all you other splendid May people.

Sparkle on!


Happy Birthday Laura!
I hope your day is great and filled with cake, ice cream, presents, and the ones you love!
Have a great day!
And thanks for helping me celebrate birthday month on my blog.

*Please leave birthday wishes and comments below*

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Thao said...

Hey Laura, I wish you a wonderful birthday :D