Saturday, May 16, 2009

In My Mailbox

OK so this is for this week and the last week.
I had another great couple of weeks and I'm super grateful for them.
And just so I don't have to say this on a new post let me just quickly remind you of my schedule for next week.
-Monday-Fairest of Them All Review
-Tuesday-Initiation Review
-Wednesday-Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks Review
-Thursday-Birthday Month continues with Jackson Pearce
-Some time after that-Shrinking Violet Review
-then a little after that my 2nd attempt at a book trailer
-and in case you missed my first attempt you can check it out here
-and if you missed a better trailer I didn't make but I did post about click here
OK and now for the actual IN MY MAILBOX post
Last Week I Got:

This Week I Got:
That's it
I can't wait to start reading them all.
*I was a little bit dumb and forgot I left some of my books in my sister's roon so I kinda forgot about them while I was typing up my IMM post but now I'm hear to add them to the list*

Now that really is all.
Sorry for the confusion.
*O and I was just noticing......4 of the covers invole feet/legs in general, 3 of them are legs hanging over something, and 3 of them involve the back(s) of people. How cool that I get all of these "similar" covers in the same week (kinda)*


Anonymous said...

Castration Celebration and One Lonely Degree look really good. Happy reading!

Rebecca said...

Awesome week you had, all those books look really good. Enjoy.

Thao said...

Such a good week. You got some book I'm dying to read haha.

the story siren said...

awesome book week! lots of great reads! happy reading!

Letter Garden said...

Great week! So many books I want to read! Enjoy your books!

Shalonda said...

Ooh! Great books!

Katie said...

You had a great week! Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got such great books. Jumping Off Swings sounds so good. Have fun reading these and I can't wait for reviews! :D

Anna said...

I got the Katherine Howe book last week and am anxious to see if it is good. Have fun reading all those amazing books!

prophecygirl said...

One Lonely Degree. Sigh. I can't wait for that book. Happy reading!

Reverie said...

ahh crazy beautiful. now its this books turn to haunt me...sigh

Katie said...

I am so jealous of Crazy Beautiful and Jumping Off Swings. I want them both so badly. Great couple of weeks!