Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Not Dead and I want your opinions on the Swine Flu Please

I've been very slow lately on reviews and keeping up with everything and I'm so sorry about that. That's not usually not how I am.
Not to make excuses but........
I've been reading. A lot.
I've got about 5 books I need read by May 10th and I finish 1 book around every 5-7 days therefore I need to read a lot more than usual and so that's what I've been doing.
With TAKS (my standardized tests) last week and this Swine Flu craze now (there's a great chance my school will be canceled ALL of next week giving me lots of free reading time) so I should be back up to speed soon.
I have 3 books ready for review and I'm about ready for a 4th one so next week and this weekend should be review crazy. So Get Ready to be exposed to some great new books.
Now I need to stop talking and keep reading. I just thought I'd fill you in first.

O and by the way tomorrow's my 15th birthday! And my brother Jason's 9th birthday!(we're cosmic twins)

Tomorrow kicks off birthday month.
Hopefully I have time to let you know more about that tomorrow along with a little opinion post by me and a review of Fairest of Them All.

Little Discussion Question (Please Comment Below)
Is the Swine Flu as big a deal where you live as it is here in TX?
Are your schools closing?
What are your overall opinions on it? Is it being Overexaggerated or not?
I'm just wondering because here everything is canceled. Prom, regionals, meetings, school, EVERYTHING!!!
So what are your feelings on this?

Now I really am done.
Bye for now!
And keep washing your hands to stay healthy and praying for those who aren't!


Anna said...

I am HOPING that school is canceled! That means A LOT of extra reading time, which who can deny? Yeah, I think they're making too big of a deal about it. And I'm mad because my trip with my thespian troupe to scarbrough fair was canceled! Grrr... But if school cancels, I won't be QUITE as mad. ;) Love ya, Jill! Hope your birthday is fantabulous!

stargirlreads said...

I think the swine flu is being overexagerated. My neighbor who is a doctor says that only 5 percent of the deaths blamed on swine flu so far were actually that. Bird flu anyone? Also thousands of people die each year from the regular flu. This is 180 people. People need to relax.