Friday, April 3, 2009

The Winners

Hey guys sorry I'm announcing this so late but I just got back from a track meet and I'm pretty much wiped out. But on to the winners...

The winner of the fabulous 5 books(see below) from the fabulous author (Samira Hodges) is...

you have already been contacted so check your email missy!
and because the lovely Ms.Hodges is SO nice she has decided to include a runner up who will win a copy of Just One Wish by Janette Rallison
The winner of that book is...
You have also already been contacted so same message above goes to you. Check your email!
Congrats to the winners and on behalf of Samira Hodges I gladly thank every single one of you who participated.
Anticipate another contest real soon.
Thanks and goodnight.
o I almost forgot remember to check back on April 6th for a guest blog by this wonderful fabulous amazing author who has graciously donated these books
(AKA Samira Hodges)
Also don't forget to pick up Milestones when it releases on August 15th
OK now that's really all

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