Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hey everybody!
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Hoppin'Easter!
There probably won't be an In My Mailbox Post today because I'm spending this whole day with family and candy and fun which means no time to post it (I barely have time to post this) so I'll most likely post it by tomorrow or late tonight.
I hope your day is filled with as many Easter egg hunts as you can manage, too many sweets, and perfect weather (here in Texas we're having the biggest thunderstorm ever!AND it's supposed to last all day! It was perfect just 2 days ago and now THIS! My cute Easter dress... yea somehow I doubt I'll be able to wear that. It's so not perfect here but anyway...) while your surrounded by the ones you love.
So that's all for now...
Happy Easter!

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