Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Award!

Hey everybody!
I got another award.
I love awards so much.

Awards make me smile because getting an award means I'm doing something right and that spending all my time reading and thinking about reading and thinking about reviews and thinking about contests and other ways to make y'all happy is totally worth it.

So that makes me happy.

(by the way a new review...or two...will be posted tomorrow)

This award is from Jessica at Chick Lit Teens.
It's a pretty awesome site so if you haven't already checked it out go now.

The award is given to new blogs and newly discovered blogs. I'm going to pass the award on to two awesome blogs that are fairly new or newly discovered:

This is a big decision for me.
There are so many blogs I just found that I view as lovely.
But if I have to narrow it down to the top 2 blogs I'll pick...

(OK I know that neither of these blogs are really all that new but technically I'm new to blogging since I started in January which makes these blogs new to me)

Now the winners

-Simply Books
-Books Make Great Lovers

Your blog truly is lovely!


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Simply_Megan said...

Aw thank you so much for nominating me! You're so sweet!