Thursday, March 19, 2009

In My Mailbox (2)

Hi guys I'm back from my trip and ready to review.
I am going to start with something I am way behind on.
My in my mailbox post.
I got these books from the last 2 weeks.
Sorry for the lack of Pictures.
Ok Here we go.

I received all of my books via the mail these last few weeks.

1. Everything is Fine
By: Ann Dee Ellis

2. Purge
By: Sarah Darer Littman

3. Wherever Nina Lies (5 copies)
By: Lynn Weingarten

4. Fix
By: Leslie Margolis

5. Price of Admission
By: Leslie Margolis

6. Gorgeous
By: Rachel Vail

7. Shrinking Violet
By: Danielle Joseph

8. Hot Mess
By: Julie Kraut

9. The ABC's of Kissing Boys
By: Tina Ferraro

10. Skeleton Creek
By: Patrick Carman

11. King of the Screwups
By: K.L. Going

12. A Map of the Known World
By: Lisa Ann Sandell

13. North of Beautiful
By: Justina Chen Headley

14. Going Too Far
By: Jennifer Echols

15. Fairest of Them All
By: Jan Blazanin

I got these 3 today

16. Cold Hands, Warm Heart
By: Jill Wolfson

17. Bad Girls Don't Die
By: Katie Alender

18. Switch
By: Carol Snow

So what do you think?
Reviews of Everything is Fine, Wherever Nina Lies, and Purge are coming soon.


Katie said...

I loved Shrinking Violet and I also got Bad Girls Don't Die recently. And how in the world did you manage to get 5 copies of Wherever Nina Lies. I've been wanting to read that book for forever, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Yea I'm looking forward to reading Bad Girls Don't Die. Especially after seeing the trailer. And I really don't know how I got all of those copies of Wherever Nina Lies. I think I just asked and my wish was granted by the extremely nice Lynn Weingarten.

Reverie said...

that is such a massive stash. lucky girl!!!

Paradox said...

Switch and Bad Girls Don't Die! *envies*

Nice blog! I'm glad I just found it.

susan said...

18 books!? Don't know how you all do it. Happy reading.

stargirlreads said...

Purge was SOOOOOO good :)