Saturday, March 14, 2009

Help Please

If you haven't noticed I have been changing my background like crazy the last 2 days. I just can't seem to find a template that fits so just bear with me. If you would like to help (which I would really appreciate) I put a few templates I like below. To help, just comment below which one you like best and when I get back from Arkansas (I'm leaving in an hour) I'll pick the favorite. This is totally optional though. If no one helps I'll just pick on my own but know that may take a few more changes. Thanks so much!


It won't upload right so I'll tell you the numbers
1.Green /Pink/ Blue
2. dots/brown/yellow/green/blue/white
3. dots/lace/flower/brown/white/light green/baby blue
4. argyle/dark purples/yellows/greens/ baby blue
5. multiple patterns/brown/yellow/orange/pink/blue
6. or the layout I have now




4. there's the link for the whole thing if you want to see it since it wouldn't let me save the whole picture

5. there's the link for the whole thing if you want to see it too for the same reason as above

That's all. I'll pick the winner Thursday.
Thanks again.


Kimberly Derting said...

I vote for either the layout you have now, or #1. Good luck deciding :)

addicted reader said...

I know how that feels, trust me. I love the layout you have currently! Its very pretty!

pepsivanilla said...

I like #1, but don't stress about your layout. People come for the blog :)

Katie said...

I like the layout you have now!

Paradox said...

I like 4 and 5 best.