Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I'll be gone for a while

Well the time as finally come. I'm heading to Disney World and Universal Studios with my preciously sweet and too kind neighbors whom are extremely dear to me (I babysit for them but their so much more than employers) as of tomorrow morning (the 15th) at 6 AM.

I am extremely excited and nervous at the same time. This will be my first time on a plane and I'm already a worrier so going on a plane is making me 10x as nervous as I usually am. Please pray for me (IF you pray. I don't want to force my beliefs on you). I'd appreciate it greatly. I so believe in the power of prayer and maybe with just 1 extra person praying for me I'll have a very safe and successful trip. Thanks in advance for that.

Anyway I'll be gone until the 25th and then I'll get back way late. I'll have internet access from my iPod but that's not really enough to write full reviews. But it is enough to check and reply to emails and maybe give updates on my trip. So feel free to email me even if its just to say hi. That will make my day spectacular.

O and sorry I missed In My Mailbox these last few weeks. I don't have an excuse for the last 2 weeks but today and right now I'm still packing and I have to take a shower and rest and clean my room and get last minute things together so Idon't really have time. I barely have time for this post. But when I come back I'll have a gigantic post of a recap of my trip, the books I read there, the reviews to come, and the books I've gotten for the last (almost) 5 weeks.

To recap for anyone who doesn't want to read that long rant:
-I'll be gone from June 15th to June 25th in Disney World.
-It's my first plane ride and I'll be grateful for anyone who wants to pray that its a safe trip.
-I'll have access to email so please do email me.
-There won't be reviews until I'm back.
-I'll update everything as soon as I can (reviews, IMM, etc.) once I get back.

I guess that's all. I hope y'all are having a stupendous summer and are looking forward to an exciting next few weeks. I know I am!
Thanks so much and have an excellent day!


WhatBriReads said...

Have fun! :D

Anna said...

I hope that you have a BLAST!

E. Van Lowe said...

Hope you are now safely in Disney World. Have fun!