Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Milestones Blog Tour: Contest


As some of y'all may have noticed, lately Samira Hodges has been making her way around the blog world to promote her new book Milestones (which I'm SUPER crazy excited to read by the way). Today is her last stop on her blog tour and we decided to end it BIG!

I'm hosting a contest for her. There are multiple ways to win and it should be tons of fun. Samira has made her way to 6 blogs not including my own and given some type of interview or guest blog. Those interviews reveal a lot about Samira and her new book. Have you been paying attention? If so this should be a snap. If not....well the interviews are still posted so you better get to reading.

I just realized y'all probably don't even know what's going on yet. So here goes....There's going to be a contest. It's going to be kind of like a scavender hunt. There will be 10 questions released today and one bonus question released Wednesday. There may be more questions later this week but ALL questions will be released here. The answers can be found at any of the stops from Samira's blog tour and/or her blog itself. Answers can be emailed to me. And each answer is worth a certain amount of points. The contest ends July 4th. Whoever has the most points in the end wins and I'll keep track of all that. Other ways to gain points? Follow my blog, follow Samira's blog, tag people with the handy dandy picture below, post the book trailer for Milestones, etc. Find out all the real details below in a much more organized fashion.

1. There will be 1o questions.- some multiple choice and some T/F and some just regular questions- and they'll all be released on the same day in one post (this one). (but I might release a few questions later on this week to add a challenge.)

2. Each question will range from easy to "hard" and will be given a certain value of points ranging from 1 pt to 5 pt depending on that.

3. Extra ways to get points

-tagging someone else with the button below-3 pts (just let me know who you tag by emailing me and letting me know. First person 3 pt. Each person after that is worth 1 pt each.

-Following my blog-4 pts

-Following Samira Armin Hodges blog-4 pts

-posting the book trailer (found on Samira's blog and YouTube) on your blog-3 pts

4. To answer the questions email me at readingisbliss@gmail.com with the question number in the subject line. (like Q1 or Q2. If there are multiple questions in one email put all the question #s in the subject line)(does that make sense)

5. Whoever has the most amount of points in the end of the hunt will when first prize of a signed copy of Milestones

6. Second place winner will receive a Milestone Tote Bag

7.The contest will run from the 30th to July 4th

8.All the answers can be found from the blog tour.

9. There will be one bonus question from Samira that will be released on Wednesday- worth 6pt

10. I'll keep track of everything on a spreadsheet and announce the winner July 4th

here are some links that might be useful:

The "tagged" picture:

My email: readingisbliss@gmail.com

All the links to the blog tour:
Girl From Florida
Shalonda's Blog
That Teen Can Blog
TheStory Siren
Presenting Lenore
Hope's Bookshelf


and now finally-the questions:

1.What is the name of the girl who tells Faye that she “whines a lot?” (3 pts)
D-None of the above, it was a boy named Benji

2.What is Samira’s dog's name? (2 pts)

3.How many summers has Faye attended Camp Milestone? (3 pts)
A-One, this is her first summer.
B-Two, she was here once before when she was younger.
C-Unsure, she has been going there as long as she can remember, unfortunately.
D-None, she doesn’t actually go to the camp she just sends letter back at forth to a camper that is there named Diane.

4.How old is Faye? (1 pt)

5.Faye is the most popular girl in school. (1 pt)
True or False

6.What is one of Samira’s favorite sports? (3 pts)
B-Basketball, she used to play

7.What character in Milestones is based off of a real person and who are they based off of? (4 pts)

8.True or False. Samira has attended summer camp before. (1 pt)

9.How many books are in the Milestones series? (2 pts)
A-This is the only one
B-It is a trilogy

10.Who is Faye’s love interest? (2 pts)
B-Chester, since before she even knew what love was.
C-Benji, since before she could read.
D-Cal, she met and fell in love with him at camp.

Follow Me: (4 pts)
Follow Samira (4 pts)
Post the Trailer (3 pts)
Tag someone (3 pts)
Tagging a second + persons (1 pt each)

Email me your answers and soon! Remember this contest only runs until July 4th which is THIS Saturday! Have fun!



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