Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover

By: Ally Carter
Written Review:
(I put in bold the "subjects" of each paragraph so you can find what you want better if you don't want to read the whole thing. This format won't stay forever. I'm just busy with end of school year stuff. The normal format will be back soon. Along with regular reviews.)
(O and sorry but my paragraphs wouldn't space and the font won't stay the right size so I tried to separtate the paragraphs by color. O and sorry for the length of this review. I had a lot to say)
I want to be a Gallagher Girl. Really I do. Their lives are filled with action and adventure. That's why I love this series. Because I get to live vicariously through Cammie and her friends without actually having to be super smart and dangerous and brave.
This is my favorite series for so many reasons but the plot has to be one of the main ones. It's planned really well. Like really really really well. Once I finish the book and realize the (Awesome!) conclusion I almost always try to go back and reread the book catching all of the hidden clues that led up to the exciting ending. Most people might not have to do that. They can probably catch them in the beginning but that's one of the reasons I can't be a Gallagher Girl; my ability to catch clues and secrets and other very covert and spy-ie things is basically none.
I love how things connect from school to real life. Like her mini missions in class help discover things in the "real" mission that the story revolves around. It's also cool how the previous 2 books are still such a semi-big part in the current story.
Besides the great story there was great writing. It was told like Cammie was retelling the story in a (extremely) classified journal. So along with the feelings she felt at the time of the attack or lesson or friendship/family/boy drama we also get a sense of her feelings after she's had time to analyse the situation. The writing flows with a relatable voice (which to me makes ALL the difference) that doesn't stray from the character's roots. It is perfectly teen girl while not forgetting that this particular teen girl is also a well trained spy.
The characters were great too. They have all matured from the first book but at a reasonable pace so the changes weren't drastic. They were even made known several times by Cammie who would casually mention the changes in Macey's personality that occured since the first time she came to the Gallagher Academy.
I was excited that the missions were "real" this time. In the other books the missions were definitely just as descriptive and fantastic and frightening but knowing that this wasn't a class assignment, that this was something that totally changed the lives of Macey and Cammie, made the book that much better. New characters were thrown in and they blended into the scene perfectly with their own distict character. That's something I love about Ally Carter's books. Her characters are each given such a specific personality and I love them all.
O I almost forgot to mention Zach. He's back. He's still amazing. And the chemistry is still there. That's all I'll say on that.
Overall this book is sure to meet all you've come to expect from the Gallagher Girl series and more. It gets you hooked immediately with the action, adventure, suspense, drama, and all the other top secret Gallagher Girl goodness. I could go on forever but I'm afraid if I say much more I'll ruin it for those of you who are greatly awaiting this release. And for those of you who aren't.....well I don't know why you aren't waiting for this book. It's Amazing! But I assume its because you haven't read this series yet. I highly recommend you do.
sorry for my inactiveness. Summer's almost here. 2 more days. But now finals are here and studying needs to take top priority. That's why my outlined review is missing right now and why I've been missing for like 2 weeks or so. I'll be back soon. I promise.
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Thao said...

Sounds great. I want to read the series. Each of the book has such a catchy title.

E. Van Lowe said...

I haven't read the series, but after your review I'm going to add it to my already overextended reading list. Thanks... I think ;)