Monday, November 30, 2009

Final Details about 25 Guests of Christmas

Tomorrow begins the 25 Guests of Christmas @ Reading Is Bliss and before I kick it off tomorrow I'd like to get all the details clear here. Also, you'll probably be seeing me refer to the 25 Guests of Christmas as 25GoC so if you see that, now you know what I mean.
  1. Each day one or two authors or bloggers will guest with a holiday related post. Maybe it's a favorite recipe, maybe a favorite song, or memory, etc.
  2. Some authors (and one blogger) have generously joined in with the Christmas spirit and donated prizes just for you! *Look for contest details below*
  3. Other things that will be included during 25 Guests of Christmas are some of my favorite recipes, songs, movies, and books.
  4. There should be buttons available to grab soon and please do grab them as soon as their available so we can spread the holiday cheer
  5. Reviews and other posts will continue as normal. Whenever I have one I will immediately post it without change.
  6. Please Please Please comment! Even if you aren't entering the contest. Just so I know whether this was a success and whether or not to continue this next year. Thanks in advance for that

Contest Stuff:

  1. To make it easier to keep track of, ALL CONTESTS WILL CLOSE ON DEC.25
  2. Again to make this easier, there are only 2 ways to enter
    +1 comment W/ YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
    +1 follow me (same points rewarded for current or new followers)
  3. I will not be shipping out prizes so you actually have a chance of getting them at a decent time. People giving them away will also send them
  4. You can enter as many contests as you want
  5. Winners should be announced and emails should be sent by the 30th. since I'm not sending the prizes out I can't guarantee when they will be shipped
  6. All Contests are open only to the U.S. unless otherwise stated. Sorry.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for a wonderful Countdown to Christmas!

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!



Brianne said...

Love the new layout. I did anything even slightly Christmas-y. :)
Looking forward to the 25 Guests of Chrsitmas!

Ellz said...

Sounds great! I love the new layout too, the green words are a bit hard to read, but I love the header!