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Hold Still Review

Title: Hold Still
Author: Nina LaCour
Release Date: October 20, 2009
Summary from Amazon:
dear caitlin, there are so many things that i want so badly to tell you but i just can’t.

Devastating, hopeful, hopeless, playful . . . in words and illustrations, Ingrid left behind a painful farewell in her journal for Caitlin. Now Caitlin is left alone, by loss and by choice, struggling to find renewed hope in the wake of her best friend’s suicide. With the help of family and newfound friends, Caitlin will encounter first love, broaden her horizons, and start to realize that true friendship didn’t die with Ingrid. And the journal which once seemed only to chronicle Ingrid’s descent into depression, becomes the tool by which Caitlin once again reaches out to all those who loved Ingrid—and Caitlin herself

Outlined Review:
Character Development: 10/10
Originality: 6/10
Hookability: 8/10
Ending: 10/10
Voice: 9/10
Recommendation: 10/10
Total Score: 53
Grade: A

Age Appropriate Rating:
Cussing: 5/10
Drugs, alcohol, etc.: 1/10
Sexual Content: 5/10
Violence/Disturbing Images: 4/10

Written Review:

I can’t begin to describe how much I loved this poignant novel. From the very first page each word seems heavy with so much pent up emotion. The whole book is very touching without being depressing. On the very first page I got that feeling of oncoming tears and by the end of the novel I had cried way more than once.

Caitlin’s voice held such raw feelings that only made you sympathize and really love her all that much more. All of Caitlin’s anger at Ingrid for not telling her of her pain; her anger at herself for not being the friend she should have been; all of her guilt. Her sadness; were portrayed as honestly as ever. She was a character with so much depth and that made her story so real.

Caitlin developed amazingly as a character. She reacted very realistically to the shocking death of her best friend; Going into seclusion almost and trying to get all images of her out of her head while also trying to keep her alive for as long as possible. The pacing was very well done also. Caitlin’s growth throughout the book developed during real time which was nice to see.

You also get a clear feel for the character of Ingrid and how her suicide not only affected Caitlin but also her sibling and parents and each of her classmates and teachers. Each of her journal entries really let you see how much she was hurting and how much she desperately tried to change for the better.

The ending was perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was bitter sweet to see the growth of the characters as they learned to moved on but not forget.

Overall, HOLD STILL is a touching debut story with great characterization, voice, and emotion. In a heartfelt novel of overcoming such a shocking loss, Nina LaCour blends effortlessly a story of hope, love, and forgiveness. HOLD STILL is a sad book that portrays the beauty of friendship and leaves you smiling through your tears.


And check out this awesome trailer Nina LaCour put together for her book!

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