Monday, February 23, 2009

Kinda Important News that you shouldn't scroll over

It has come to my attention that I am too light on the books I review. I don't really speak absolutly every one of my thoughts. Usually I share only the good thoughts I have. Why do you do this? you may ask. I don't know! I really don't. It's like I sit down ready to type out how this character was a jerk or how that the tone was too whiny the whole way through but I don't. I think the problem is I'm too nice. No seriously. I can't say no and I can't type out a decent review. Well get ready everybody because mean Jill is about to come out. The one that can criticize like no other. Because really what is the point of having a book review blog if you don't honestly share your thoughts on a book with others. How else will they know to read it or not? Okay that's all I have for my rant today. I just wanted to let you know so if my reviewing system changes you know why. Okay now that's really all. Bye for now.


nadine said...

I had this same problem a while back. Like I feel awful about talking badly about a book but you know, sometimes it just needs to be done. So I like try to balance it out.. =)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your comment. Now I know I'm not alone in how I feel.

stargirlreads said...

I know how you feel. If an author sends you a book you feel bad saying its a load of crap. :)

Also tell your friend with the new blog to email me so we can put her in the newsletter